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Updated: Sep 4, 2021

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If you do not know what CBD is check out our other article "What is CBD?", for this article we are going to assume you have some basic understanding of what is CBD. While the United States of America federal government does not fully want to admit the benefits of CBD and cannabis related products, the FDA has approved drugs such as Epidiolex. The DEA has amended its rules to remove Legal Hemp and CBD from the Schedule 1 list of drugs, and also excluding approved drugs such as Epidiolex.

Video Games used to be looked upon negatively just like Cannabis and CBD but a lot has changed. The video Game industry has become huge, companies are entering the space in large volumes, even Netflix plans to enter the industry. While companies make lots of money on blockbuster titles, you also have streamers making money that are casual or professional gamers that create entire careers around gaming.

Casual Gamers

A Casual Gamer is a person who plays games but not competitively. Usually they are just there to be social and have fun but if they end up losing in the game they would not mind. The hours of play can vary. Gaming is not a first priority for most casual gamers.

For most of us we play video games to let loose and have fun. Others do it just to relax and chill with friends. Video Games have become much more social with the advancement of technology and the internet. Sega Dreamcast had many new features that were ahead of their time that likely paved the way for what we have now. One of the features was a web browser, Consoles now have web browsers, I see some people use these but for the most part it is a lackluster addition. However it was the first time where you really saw the internet as part of the console.

The interconnected aspect of consoles would not take off until Xbox live and Sony PlayStation network would come into fruition. With the additions of these two networks we have seen many great advancements for gaming. The addition of Voice Chat and party features has made it so people could play with friends miles away from each other. Gaming has arguably become one of the most social things we do.

An old show named "that 70's Show", and for those of you not familiar it was not from the 70s, just the setting was. The show would have a frequent scene of the cast in a basement passing around a blunt or Joint and smoking. It was a way for them to let loose and have fun with friends? So it comes at no surprise that casual gamers may decide to combine the two activities, especially with the legal landscape changing.

Most people believe and often use Cannabis because it helps them relax and "chill". It is in this respect they believe it is providing them with relief. Some gamers may not like to smoke or medical cannabis may not be legal yet in their area. That is ok, because the government has drawn a line in the sand. You can legally smoke Hemp and get similar effects without the "high". If you do not like to smoke, Gummies may be a great choice for you. If you want something for recreational use and is closer to Medical Cannabis, Delta 8 may be what you want. Be careful though states like New York have banned Delta 8.

Pro Gamers

A pro gamer is a competitive player who is paid to play video games. Most professional players are normally paid by their teams or sponsors. Some may be streamers that make a career of showcasing their skills and having others watch them.

In 2015 the Electronic Sports League began to require competitive gamers to submit to drug screenings, which included Cannabis. This was not because they thought it would have negative effects but that it would give them a neurocognitive boost that would give players an unfair advantage. This was very progressive because the Farm Bill Act of 2018 had not been signed into law making CBD and Hemp legal at the federal level. However the ban was only during competition and not during your regular daily lives. So using it before the event day would not disqualify. However the ESL used the WADA list to make that determination which was amended in 2019 to exclude CBD. We suggest you check with the sponsors or event hosts before consuming CBD to ensure you meet their regulations.

“Marijuana is on the list of prohibited substances for during the competition,” the Electronic Sports league clarified when outlining the new rules. “This means that recreational use of it outside (before) the event days will not be punished. Using it during the tournament — from the start of the first day until the end of the last day of competition — is strictly prohibited.”

There are many health problems that afflict gamers. Wrist injuries, conditions related to poor posture, chronic stress, mental fatigue, depression, nutritional deficiencies and bad habits.

The endocannabinoid system regulates and maintains many of the body's physiological responses: from pain, sleep, appetite, focus, mood, and emotions. So it should come as no surprise that most people believe CBD can help provide relief.

Researchers from the Groningen Mental Enhancement Department in the Netherlands completed a 12-month research study on how cannabis and video games impacted Alzheimer’s patients’ brains. All patients played video games daily. However 50% of them used cannabis. The research team found that cannabis users had a 43% better cognitive memory retention than the control group.

In Conclusion

Both Casual and Pro gamers may find CBD and Hemp to have benefits that help. The effects may vary from person to person. Just like gaming the negative impression of Cannabis and CBD is fading and it is becoming more popular, so it is no surprise that they would be combined.


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